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How Long Should a Wedding Video Be?

Wedding videos are not created equal! Every video that you watch on Instagram, YouTube, etc. will have a different vibe, look, and length. Longer doesn't mean better and shorter doesn't mean cheaper. This is because each one was made for the couple featured in the video. I've seen incredibly engaging 9 minute videos and incredibly boring 4 minute ones, so here's a quick breakdown of the factors that are most important when deciding how long wedding videos should be.

Wedding Drone Bridge Film

The MAIN factor that dictates a wedding video's length is the ability to create a captivating story. We offer three ranges: 3-5 minutes, 5-7 minutes, and 7-10 minutes, and each range fits a particular style of wedding and couple. If you are making everything personal during your day like having letter readings, a first look, personal vows, a few speeches at dinner, then your wedding video should be LONGER! Your story is set up to be told well when you include that much audio, so you should lean into it and opt for a longer video to include more of those personal, intimate moments. You made time for those moments during the wedding day, so you might as well make time for them in the video as well! On the flip side, if you are planning a more traditional wedding with traditional vows and no letters then you might want want to cap the video at 7 minutes. Now don't get us wrong, we LOVE a traditional wedding, but the video ends up having less personal audio and can get boring if it is too long. Seven minutes is plenty long to tell the story of a traditional wedding day!

The other thing to think about when deciding how long a wedding video should be style. There is no right or wrong answer here. We have watched beautiful and dreamy videos as well as fun and upbeat ones. It just depends on the couple and the day. BUT we usually enjoy shorter fast-paced videos and longer slower-paced ones. This has to do with the pace of each clip. If you are only seeing a video clip for one second compared to two or three seconds, you are inevitably going to tell the story faster and not need quite as long of a video. So if you are looking for a floating, dreamier feel, opt for the longer video to give space for longer clips. But if you want a high-energy video to show off the biggest party you've ever thrown, you might not need to bump up the length of the video.

When it comes down to it, the length of your video it extremely personal and there are no right or wrong answers. But we hope this gives you a jumping point for how long you would like your wedding video to be! Check out our weddings to see different video lengths!

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